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  • From start to finish, Mr. Becker was very diligent with my case. Always kept me up to date with any and all information pertaining my case; and never have up until I was happy and agreed upon any request. HIGHLY recommend!!!

    — Jasmin C.
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable. Came out better than anticipated. Glad they were recommended to me. I would highly recommend them.

    — Steve F.
  • Amazing experience with this firm! Very professional yet personable. Went above and beyond on the case and was spot on about how long it was going to take to resolve. I highly recommend these lawyers and would definitely use them again if needed.

    — McKenzie W.
  • If you’re looking for a set of caring and compassionate Lakewood Ranch personal injury lawyers, Dave and Danielle are highly recommended.

    — Brian M.
  • Thank you to the team for helping me reach a settlement that I was happy with. I was impressed to see that they were able to reduce the medical bills to help me with my end settlement. Very nice team to work with.

    — Jolie A.
  • I have hired Danielle Lindauer on more than one occasion to represent me. Danielle has been extremely knowledgeable and professional at every turn. Danielle has gone the extra mile for me and my family several times. Danielle is HIGHLY recommended!

    — Drew
  • Just when you think you’re helpless and all alone, against a huge company Danielle Lindaure swoops in and takes care of EVERYTHING. She handled everything financially with excellence. She made sure any further potential issues were covered so there’s no surprises waiting in the years to come. Highly recommend this law firm. The firm also donates to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation which is near and dear to my heart.

    — April A.
  • From the very beginning, Danielle and David made me feel welcome. When you hire them, you are not just a case, you are a friend that needs help. They are passionate about what they do and will fight tooth and nail for you to get the job done. They will LISTEN to you and then take action. Hands down, the best firm. I highly recommend them.

    — Pamela B.
  • I contacted Mr Becker concerning my car accident. He took care of everything! He dealt with the insurance company, medical bills, and all phone calls and mail concerning the accident. He listened, answered all of my questions, and kept me informed. I have no hesitation in recommending Becker & Lindauer.

    — Debra B.
  • This firm was referred to us and how thankful we are for this referral. They have a new office in Lakewood Ranch beautiful and easily accessed. Mr. Becker was so compassionate and Ms. Lindauer worked together as a team, to settle our case in an acceptable amount of time for all of us. They called to check on me. They called when they had any kind of news they felt needed to be shared. We always felt we could call anytime we had a question. A professional team helped to make this experience more tolerable and John and I would highly recommend them to EVERYONE! We are giving them a 5-star review and would give 10 if there were one!

    — Judy N.
  • Becker & Lindauer has been absolutely amazing…they have been very upfront and quick with my case…I’m very blessed to have been represented by them…I appreciate their honesty and integrity…Definitely hope I never need an accident attorney again but would definitely choose them again…in a heartbeat!

    — Sandy L.
  • David Becker is a highly recommended attorney that I have been associated with for a number of years. Mr Becker is highly professional, thorough, and his follow-through is unmatched in my experience. I cannot recommend him too highly!

    — William E.
  • Danielle Lindauer and David Becker were great to deal with! My accident happened a few months prior to the shutdowns from the Coronavirus. Danielle and Dave pushed through it all and made sure all my doctor bills were taken care of, with NO out-of-pocket expense for me!! Danielle helped me get the medical treatment I needed and extra money for the future treatments I will need!

    Thank you, Danielle and Dave!

    — Bryce W.
  • I highly recommend Becker & Lindauer LLC for personal injury representation. The entire staff works as a team and everyone I encountered was considerate, friendly and helpful. They were attentive and I felt like they had a genuine concern for me and the injury I had sustained. As an older client, I did not sense that my age was even a consideration for them. Each person communicated clearly and precisely, ensuring I understood the process and all relevant information.

    — Shirley
  • The firm Becker and Lindauer. He is one of the best lawyers I have visited. I have never had the attention and professionalism that he gives you. He is a good lawyer who gives you trust and understanding and considers you and the payments. I highly recommend.

    — William A.
  • I recently had Becker & Lindauer handle a dog-attacked injury case for me and was very pleased. Not only did the case get resolved quickly, but they were able to get me full compensation for my injuries and medical bills. Clara, the legal assistant was very friendly, polite, and responsive to my questions, as was Mr. Becker who handled my case.

    I highly recommend this firm for personal injury cases.

    — Cynthia B.
  • Becker and Lindauer, especially Danielle, worked tirelessly on my case for 5 years. My case was more entailed since there were several litigants involved. She battled several attorneys and never backed down. I called her a little pit bull. I would absolutely recommend this law firm if you are injured at work, a car accident ect… my outcome was very positive financially. They are very friendly to work with and I would recommend them highly.

    — Christine T.
  • Working with Dave has been nothing but exceptional. I would highly recommend Becker & Lindauer, LLC to anyone including my own friends and family. Dave exceeded our expectations when it came to the amount of work he put into researching our case (after throwing hundreds of pages of medical records at him for review) and fighting our insurance which can be mentally exhausting and tedious. He was very kind and caring with our family and treated our son’s case with the highest priority despite his busy schedule. We were very impressed with his process in fighting our insurance company and was relentless in his approach. Ultimately, we succeeded and we received a very important medical treatment for our son. This would not have been possible without Mr. Becker. We are so grateful to him and his firm and will continue to recommend him to those who need legal assistance.

    — Lauren B.
  • I have known Dave for several years, and know him to be hard-working, honest, and willing to go the extra mile to help someone.

    Recently I had the need to request his help on a fall by my wife. He has been excellent at keeping in communication with us, scheduling timely updates, and keeping on top of the complex and sometimes frustrating aspects of the law.

    I would highly recommend Dave to anyone needing legal advice who wants to ensure they are receiving the best service!

    — Rick D.
  • I was very impressed with Dave Becker, from his prompt return call to my inquiry and his attention in reviewing my situation and scheduling a meeting to discuss the options available. Mr Becker was more than helpful and made me understand what could be done in the circumstances to recover losses due to my case. I was put at ease during our meeting to ask questions and he was sure to impress upon me that if I had any future uncertainty about the process he would be there to help. The world needs a lot more people like Dave Becker. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for help with legal questions and representation.

    — Suzanne M.
  • Dave and Danielle are amazing to work with- highly recommended if someone is looking for a Lakewood Ranch personal injury lawyer who has a big heart and cares about their clients’ outcomes!

    — Brian M.
  • Dave is one of my favorite people. He is a true gentleman, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. He explained everything in detail, and painted an accurate picture of our expectations, and the realities of moving through the legal process. I highly recommend Becker and Lindauer!

    — Cindy D.
  • In January I got into an accident not of my fault, it was my first accident. I found David via Google, and when I called his business partner answered- she was so helpful and caring! She gave us precise advice and the following day we met with David- throughout the entire process he was super helpful, he went above and beyond to make sure our settlement was satisfactory. The law firm is a small boutique firm and you speak directly with the lawyers- they answer your calls all the time or call you back right away. I highly recommend this firm- David and his business partner are beyond excellent. Support a local small business! They are the best!

    — Nailah J.
  • I had an issue that I was unable to solve on my own. I decided to use Mr. David Becker Attorney at Law to help me. He was so nice and made me feel at ease with the entire process. My problem was solved and more importantly, I got the money that was due to me. His team is very professional and handled my issue quickly and efficiently. I can’t say enough about Becker & Lindauer!

    — Fran R.
  • Attorney David Becker did a great job handling my car accident case. He was professional, thorough and detail-oriented. He kept me informed throughout the entire case, consulting me before any negotiations or decisions were made. He was able to get me a fair settlement without having to go to court, but if we had, I feel confident he would have done a very good job representing me. I would highly recommend Mr. Becker and his legal firm to represent anyone needing legal services.

    — Carol S.