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The Documents You Need to Keep Safe!

By David S. Becker
Bd. Certified Civil Trial Lawyer at Becker & Lindauer, LLC

Becker & Lindauer, LLC sends out sincere thoughts and prayers to our Southwest Florida neighbors and all those suffering injuries and/or damage from Hurricane Ian. Our warmest thanks go out to our first responders and those keeping us safe from Ian’s wrath.

As lawyers, we never miss an opportunity to dispense some free advice during a time like this. Keep your important documents safe when facing a natural disaster like Hurricane Ian! It is critical to scan your valuable documents and store them securely online. They are too easily lost or ruined during a disaster event. Nonetheless, you should try to keep with you, in your hurricane preparedness kit, critical documents, such as:

1. Insurance Cards;
2. Deeds;
3. Social Security Cards;
4. Insurance Policies (Automobile, Homeowner’s, Renter’s Coverage, etc.);
5. Your Will and other estate planning Documents;
6. Your Driver’s License;
7. Passports;
8. Birth Certificates;
9. Immunization records;
10. Marriage Certificates.

It is also important to keep at your fingertips your bank account and credit card information and passwords.

Most importantly find safe shelter and stay safe!